Asaad Badree Bakar (born 28th July 1984) better known by all as Bard Baker. He got that name when he was studying in Melbourne, Australia as a child at Camberwell Baptist Day. The name was coined to him by Miss Barclay. Bard came from Badree. Originally his name was spelled 'Bad' which is the opposite of good in English, so she took the 'r' and placed it between 'a' and 'd' and that's where 'Bard' came from. As for 'Baker', originally it was 'Bakar' but they had trouble pronouncing it, and hence settled with 'Baker'. That's how 'Bard Baker' came to be. He's of English, Chinese, and Malay descent.

He was born a miracle child. He was born seven months, on the seventh month, the seventh child, the only child, the only son. He was born seven months which makes him a premature baby. He was born on the seventh month which is July. The seventh child because his mom miscarriage six times and he's the seventh child that survived where his mom had to undergo a Cesarean delivery which means she can't conceive anymore which makes Bard the only child, the only son. 777. While there were alot of complication like asthma, muscle weakness, and mental challenges while growing up as a Premature child but Bard has developed into a strong and smart individual as he grew up. He has dyslexia but has an average IQ of 125. 

Bard strongest trait is his creativity and his genuine interest in wanting to learn everything. He is well known by his fellow peers as a 'Renaissance Man', or 'Jack of All Trades' because of his various knowledge and creative skills such as painting, singing, acting, poetry, etc, as well as possessing various job skills ranges from design, event management, sales, entertainment, public relations, etc. There ain't no skill that ain't been learned. As an only child growing up, life can be lonely at times, so he picked up various hobbies such as writing, poetry, martial arts, composing, etc.

Hire Bard Assemble Project

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stressworking hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek.

That's the pursuit of happiness that Bard seeks in life that makes a difference between having a job and having a career. Bard knows which road will lead to this but he knows it's going to be challenging.

He has to stand out from everyone else and show how passionate he is. So, he started the 'Hire Bard' campaign which has now turned into something way bigger than it was intended to be. He travelled the world, went on adventures, met amazing people, and here is his journey in chasing after his dream.

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Bard graduated from 'The One Academy of Communication Design', an internationally renowned, top leading art and design institution that nurtures talents at the pinnacle of creativity in Malaysia, majored in Illustrations and became the first Bruneian to have graduated in that institute.

He then continue his training at 'Imaginism Studios', a Toronto-based studio specializing in pre-production character and concept design for film, TV, gaming, and publishing, training 'The Art of Caricature' mentored by Jason Seiler; an award winning illustrator whose work has been featured as covers and interior pieces for TIME, Rolling Stone, Business Insider, etc. Bard then joined art competitions on Wittygraphy, the largest network of caricaturists and caricature fans community and won second place twice with his 'Madonna' caricature, and 'Oprah' caricature which later was featured on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' of 'Top 10 Oprah Winfrey Artworks'. This then lead Bard a contract job offer to work in the United States.

Bard is also skillful in public hosting which led him to study 'Rock the Stage: Master of Ceremonies' by Nicky Mott to develop his emcee skills even further. He completed his Diploma in Project Management from International Business Managerment Institute (Berlin), Hotel Management Certification from New Skills Academy (United Kingdom) and completed Cheryl Porter Vocal Method Course (Chicago) in 2020.




Asaad Badree (aka. Bard Baker)

Phone:     (673) 8870527

Email:      Bardsville@gmail.com

Address:  Kg Pandan 7, spg 39-60-11,

               no.6, Kuala Belait, KA3131,


I have more than decade of both International and local combined experience in general service duties including eight years as a creative Illustrator.

I am a fast learner, and have a comprehensive understanding of Adobe softwares, Microsoft Office Packages, and the latest web technologies. Possessing versatile skill set which includes general service, public relations, creative design, marketing, sales, event management
and coordination.

Professional Experience

Adventure/ Activism/ Volunteer

After graduation, Bard worked as a graphic designer for 'Adinin Maha Seramik Utama Enterprise' where he create compelling, highly memorable creative assets for product design, digital marketing, and advertising and print campaigns as well as developing photography skills. He then got a job offer working for Royal Carribean Cruise Line under Face Fun LLC where he creates creative design and implementation of high-quality Illustrations and Caricature in the on- and off-board and coordinating with a global team in assisting with marketing, entertainment, and advertising. Bard became the first and only Bruneian in the entire fleet.

He then returned to Borneo and started a Search Engine Optimization company where they maximize the factors that contribute to high positioning within search engines. By combining respect for a client’s business with ethical practices and help clients maximize their ranking in search engines. Later on, the company was then transferred to new ownership in Malaysia. Bard then worked for CANDAS creative company as a creative designer where he works with a multi-disciplined team to establish the conceptual and stylistic execution for projects and campaigns across a wide range of digital media and delivering the highest quality of design for projects but then left the company due to restructuring.

While waiting for the next best thing, Bard worked for ADN MMA Fitness Gym as a sales representative, and an assistant martial arts trainer, where he uncovers and define the best growth opportunities including new customers, new verticals and new sales strategies and run outbound campaigns as well as manage inbound leads. Later on he got offered a job at Times Square Shopping Centre, as a marketing assistant and after only a month in, he was promoted to event coordinator because of his vast knowledge and skills, where he provide the Corporate Events team with administrative support related to marketing, coordinating and executing numerous client and internal events, as well as the coordination of entry level events. 

Working at Times Square Shopping Centre was one of the best job experience he had but unfortunately due to family emergency he had to leave, and an agreement of his return at a later date could not be made. Bard's father had cardiac arrest twice and was admitted in the hospital. Later on, Bard returned back to the working life by joining Snapfeed; a platform to access a growing list of digital loyalty programs and to access local Brunei information on the go as Chief Designer. He then got a job offer to work as an event coordinator for Bright Chips Board Company where he coordinate all event requirements with both the client and staff in order to ensure proper set-up, successful execution, operational excellence and superior client satisfaction. Bard also got hired by Panaga Country Club via contract to design a new website for them.

Bard was the co-founder of 'My Galaxy Store'; a online merchandise store based in Las Vegas, Nevada with his busines partner, Scott Buzato, and also recently opened a small shop in Kuala Belait, Brunei in collaboration with CN Cube Store. He also does freelance digital Illustrations at his own studio, 'Bardsville Studios', and a freelance event host and singer at 'Bard's Entertainment'.

He is now currently the Digital Manager for Celebrity Cruises onboard Celebrity Summit. He is responsible for all digital experience products onboard. His role proactively executes operational processes and collaborates across multiple teams to support digital products and operations. He is the primary shipboard point of contact, liaising between Excalibur and shipboard operational leaders to drive awareness of all digital experience products and ensure content and experience meets brand and digital standards across all platforms. His role coordinates training and awareness for all app and crew feature releases, implementation of operations to support releases, content tool kits/templates and change management efforts. Until today, Bard is the only Bruneian in the entire fleet.





There's a saying, 'Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show' because jobs may fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul. Bard may not have alot of photos or videos to show of such adventures but that's because he was living it rather than doing it to showoff on social media. Bard has a great interest in Wanderlust but more in helping the community. He is highly active in volunteer work and charities. He truly believe that life, we not only live for ourselves but for other. 

Bard is an active humanitarian. He volunteered at Royal Selangor Polo Club for the Riding For The Disabled (RDA) Charity Programme, Malaysia, which helps disabled children and adults take part and enjoy the thrill of horse riding, where he guides disabled children as they ride horses to ensure their safety. Bard also volunteered at Ciudad de Ángeles Orphanage at Cozumel, Mexico once a week, with his two friends Roger, and Erick, where they entertain kids with magic, clown acts, and art shows. Bard does creative aid to the Military and Veterans Organizations, United States, with their Chilli Cook-Off Fundraiser, and Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization that helps veterans and active duty service members which the designs were featured on Lynn Haven Ledger in Florida.

Bard has travelled the world in helping people and Causes that he's passionate about ranging from animal rescue to environmental aid to fundraising with organizations such as WWF, Make a Wish Foundation, Red Cross, War Child Organization, etc. He has made it into his daily lifestyle where he wakes up 5am everyday so he could go to the beach and do plogging; combination of jogging with picking up litter (Swedish: plocka upp). It started as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.

Bard travels to various countries such as United Sates, Jamaica, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, China, etc where he live life of an adventurer from trekking, expeditions, caving, skydiving, rock climbing, zip lining, etc, because life is either a daring adventure or nothing.



Activities and Hobbies

Find hobbies that you love; one to make you money, one to make you healthy, and one to be creative. An idle minds is the devils' playground and by having hobbies, not only it keeps us busy, but it also strengthens our soul. Bard has various hobbies and activities that he partcipates in because life shouldn't be wasted by sleeping too much.

His first hobby eversince he was a kid was visual arts which includes sketching, and paintings, and became the most creative student in his school. He then pursued that passion further through college. He then joined competitions which has led him in getting a job working at one of the biggest cruise line company in the world, Royal Carribean Internationals. While on the cruise line, he participated in other activities such as hosting events, activities, games, and competitions, which he then brought that same rock the mic skills while working at Times Square Shopping Centre. He also does stage performances like dancing, miming, mascot entertainmet, poetry, and acting. He used to do breakdance, and popping performances for coorperate functions and dance battles with his crew in Malaysia. He then got involved in ballroom dancing such as salsa, tango, waltz, etc. Bard later on was vocally trained in singing by composer, Darious Gaspar, where he trains mostly pop and rock style singing, and now trained by vocalist, Via Alya Felias, where is mostly trained in the art of classical and opera style singing. Bard will be performing onstange with his rendition of 'A Whole New World', 'Can't Take my Eyes Off You', 'This is the Moment', etc at the 'Grand Music Recital' at Panaga Club. Sometimes, he also perform songs using ASL (American Sign Language). All of his uncles including his dad are singers, so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the talent tree. He is also interested in playing musical instruments, mostly guitar and drums. Bard is also interested in composing songs which derives not only from his interest in music but also poetry. Bard has always been interested in poems and poetry at a young age where he memorized all of William Shakespeare Sonets. While working on the cruise ship, he once collaborated with Simba Castano on spoken words poetry. He was highly influenced by Def Jam Poetry and looked up to poets such as Shihan, and Erykah Badu. He has his own poetry page on social media called 'Bard the Poet'. 

Bard also is highly active in physical activities such as sports including soccer, martial arts, badminton, etc. At school, Bard won badminton double school championship. He also won silver in Taekwondo Borneo Regional Championship. He goes to the gym daily and does yoga because he understands how important to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is he healthy physically but also spiritually. He meditates twice a day because he understand the importance of meditation. The goal of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck. Bard also enjoys literature and looks up to authors such as Paulo coelho, Rhonda Byrne, Simon Sinek, etc. Bard also enjoys cooking at his free time.





"Bard is an amazing person to work together, he is very smart, helpful and funny to work with and friendly. He is very talented. I have seen many clients talking about his amazing work. In short I truly would like to work together with him again and wherever he is I am sure he will be doing a good job." - Thiago Venceslau (Brazil)

"Having the opportunity to meet and personally know this renaissance man is a privilege. Learned not only in the craft of visual arts, he is also a master in the performing art of dance. From an artist to an artist. I truly admire his work and it is a pleasure of mine to have spent idle off-work time with him exchanging ideas. Kudos Mr. Baker!" - CP Alipio (Philippines)

"Bard Baker is a very sweet, humble and is filled with many talents! His work is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!!" - Aundreia McGraw (United States)

"Bard Baker is a wonderful guy who gets along with anyone who wants to make friends with him. Being on the ship with a lot of different nationalities, I can say that Bard is very open to cultural differences and can adapt to different situations. I remember transferring ships with him, he doesn't seem to have a problem adjusting to a new environment. He is not only one of the sweetest guys I've known but one of the most creative artists I've seen." - Min Reyes (Philippines)

"I had the pleasure of working with Bard Baker aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Not only does he have an innate artistic eye for design, but he is also very detail oriented, creative, and a diligent worker. Bard has a friendly demeanor and would be a asset to your team." - Joy Bartko (united States)

"Bard is a very nice and approachable person and always willing to help. His work is amazing, it flows well and has tons of originality to it!" - Justin Truong (United States)

"Bard is a very hard worker who possess excellent skills and as down some amazing projects. Creative mind and easy going attitude make him very easy to work with and very professional. To be able to deliver and exemplifies brilliance in is work is amazing. I would recommend bard to anyone at anytime of any given day" - Ceon Beveridge (Jamaica)

"Bard is a good guy. I met him on a cruise ship when I was on vacation. He was working as the ships caricature artist. He was very approachable and has a friendly personality. I myself was a shy person and did not make many friends without having someone know them ahead of time. I asked him to look at my own work as a conversation starter and it went off from there. Our conversation ranged from gaming to some tips on life. I took pictures of him using his camera when he was singing for the live band. With having a good personality and the level of skill he has I am sure that he will make a name for himself in history." - Jeffrey Chang (United States)